Fitness Formation column

Ryan Donohue.
Ryan Donohue.

We touched on accountability in last weeks column, and we’re going to look at it in more detail today.

Now you’ve told everyone what your vision or resolution is, you are accountable to those people, and to yourself.

Studies show that if you’re accountable to someone in relation to your health, and fitness, then you’re more likely to get results.

These people are going to become your go to support network on those days when you lack motivation or discipline.

We know life can throw problems or issues at us at any moment. It’s even more problematic when it begins to get in the way of us attaining our goals that we have set out with a timeline.

Many times, there is a reason to skip a gym workout. Most people will jump on a reason, which more often than not is a poor reason i.e. it’s raining. Terrible excuse, but people still use it. This is where accountability comes into its own.

A large majority of people will fail with their goals before the end of February. So, before you set out, choose an accountability partner.

Choose someone who has similar goals to you, and is someone that you can trust. If you use the poor excuse above, or any other excuse, they will put you right.

If you fail in a big way with your nutrition, they will react, and provide you with the motivation you need to stay focused.

Try to make it fun, and come up with punishments for one another, if you digress.

Sometimes there are more important reasons why we may go off track. If needs be use the masses of social media platforms that we have to check on your partner, and offer support where it’s needed.

Before you begin write down what it is you’re setting out to achieve, and let your partner know the things that you expect from them, even if it’s something as simple as checking in with them. You are more likely to succeed this way.

Set forfeits for one another i.e. you owe the other person a coffee, or lunch.

Support, inspire, motivate and encourage your accountability partner. Don’t even think about letting them down.

Visualise hitting your targets, and above all else, celebrate success together.