Fitness Formation column

Ryan Donohue.
Ryan Donohue.

The bells are ringing out, and the snow should be falling, so this week’s column will give you twelve ways to avoid over doing it this Christmas time.

Try some of the following this yuletide:

1. Go dark - Before you dive into the chocolate box, aim for the darker end of the spectrum. Calorie intake has been found to decrease by 15 per cent.

2. Chill - Not on your sofa, though. You need to get out of the house. Your metabolic rate can spike 20 per cent, whilst taking a winter stroll before your dinner.

3. Slow down - Eating more slowly will increase satiety, the feeling of being full, and you’ll enjoy your dinner a whole lot more.

4. Crackdown - Alcohol contains calories that disrupt your blood sugar levels, and increase your appetite. Have fun, but drink a glass of water in-between to crackdown on cravings. Not to mention the hangover.

5. Beat the buffet - Use the smallest plate possible, and don’t pile your food. An easy way to make sure you don’t overeat.

6. Attention, please - Dance the night away or chat to friends. Focus your attention on them, rather than the lobster that’s winking at you.

7. Green light - Eat your greens. They will fill you up and boost your nutrient intake.

8. Don’t go hungry - Going to a party? Don’t arrive there starving. You can guess the rest.

9. Playtime - Don’t pretend you’re not jealous of the kids pile of presents Play with the kids and their new favourite toys. Burn some calories, but just don’t throw the Wii controller through the 50 inch plasma.

10. Red mist - Plan ahead. Know what time you need to put the turkey in. When you want to complete your shopping. Avoid the stresses of the season with good planning.

11. Food coma - Your friends might think it’s good to over-indulge. Don’t bow to peer pressure. Look to maintain your weight, or within 2-3lb. You’ll be thankful when it come’s to January.

12. Enjoy it - I love this time of year. So should you. Relax. Enjoy it, but think about your ‘vision’.

When January comes, you’ll be glad you didn’t over do it.

New year’s coming.

So is the new you.

Make sure it is your best year yet.