Fitness Formation column

Ryan Donohue.
Ryan Donohue.

It’s wet and cold, I’ve been sat in the office all day keeping dry.

I could go to the gym. And keep dry. Nah. I’ll go home and sit on the couch instead. And so it begins.

The same reasons that stopped you achieving your vision last year, and the year before that etc, will be the thing that stops you achieving it again, or certainly making strides towards it.

My point is that it doesn’t rain in the gym, does it?

It isn’t cold in the gym, is it?

I’m talking to the fair weather trainers. Those of you who hibernate in the colder months, although the only things that should be hibernating are animals.

Think back to the ‘fear of failure’ column and changing your mindset.

This is the time to do so, and the year to do so.

Many people see the changing of the seasons as a reason to ‘get beach fit’ or ‘LBD ready’.

I ask you why? Do you not respect your body and it’s intricacy’s enough to keep yourself in a healthy state all year round.

Do you not think it will have a negative effect, if you spend the next six months watching TV?

That’s what recording devices are for.

Each and every time you say ‘no’ is another step further away from your vision.

If you really do want to be ready for the summer, then you need to begin now.

The reality is it may only take you eight to twelve weeks, but if you’re someone who lacks the right mindset, then start now.

What you are doing here is creating those series of goals we spoke of in earlier columns. Those goals will be what sets this year apart from all the others.

Relate this to a few lines above, and your developing a mindset which will never hold you back again.

Recruit a friend or friends.

Hold each other accountable. Seek advice from the team within whichever facility you attend.

After all, that’s what they are there for.

‘Forget past mistakes. Forget failures.

Forget everything except what you’re going to do now and do it’.

A great quote from William C. Durant. Forget all the previous excuses, and make this year the year that you become an all year round exerciser.

Remember, it isn’t raining in the gym, is it?