Fitness Formation column

Ryan Donohue.
Ryan Donohue.
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Call of Duty. No. Not the computer game. As good as it is. I’m talking to all you parents.

Many of you may by now be on calendar watch as the days and hours tick down to the children going back to school.

Order will be restored to the household, and time will be yours again. Precious free time.

In Churchillian fashion, this is my call to you.

You have a duty of care to yourself to look after your health and your well-being.

Take this time to either get back into your routine or get into a routine.

As amazing parents as you all are, now is the opportune moment to put the focus back on you.

If you have sacrificed an established routine over the summer to look after the children, the first thing to do is to get back into your program.

Many people make the mistake of believing the more you do, the better. Some even argue that unless you are an elite athlete training 4-6 hours every day, that there is no such thing as overtraining.

My advice is to re-establish your previous routine.

By training sensibly, you will soon start to pick your fitness back up.

If you do have an extra hour for an extra session on the odd week, and you feel you have had adequate rest, then do so.

This will be more beneficial in a controlled environment such as a studio or gym under the guidance of a coach or trainer.

Your body will begin to re-adapt to the stimulus of regular exercise again, as you ease back into your structured routine.

For those who are looking to get into fitness for the first time, I would advise seeking the help of a professional, rather than guidance from a website or magazine, as good as they may be. Working out under a fitness professional will ensure that you are given exercises and programmes that are suitable to your current level of ability.

Training with a friend or in a group makes exercise more fun, and provides an energetic atmosphere to train within.

Summer is nearly over. Autumn is coming. Do yourselves a favour your future self will thank you for. Duty calls. And it’s calling you.

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