Fitness Formation column

Ryan Donohue.
Ryan Donohue.

Over the last three summers, we have been lucky enough to witness some great sporting moments.

Some of the greatest in history. The feeling of pride and passion that was generated at London 2012.

Our athletes breaking medal records in both games.

Ending 77 years of waiting for a tennis champion at a home grand slam in 2013.

English athletes topping the medal table at this year’s Commonwealth Games.

One of the focuses of these events was to inspire new, younger generations to take up sport and exercise.

Age is but a number. Why only look to inspire younger generations to take up sport and exercise?

It’s never too late to try your hand at something new or to embark on a pathway to better health and wellbeing.

We seem to put so much emphasis on the next generation that we often neglect the older generation. Regardless of age, we can all enter into the most basic of exercise programmes.

Simply going for a walk or gentle cycle as a start point will enable you to get into a basic regime or structure, if done on a regular basis.

One key to any exercise or wellbeing program is continuity.

Starting off with a very simple outline will enable you to establish a structure that works around your lifestyle and find what is right for you.

A very easy program such as this is a great start point for anyone regardless of age.

Find a local club of your choice to join to try something new or something that you feel would be beneficial to you, again, this is not age dependent. The could be a lawn bowls club, for example, or something more intensive, if so desired. We live in a technological era where we can discover more online.

Most clubs will have some kind of presence on the web.

Accountability is important, too. To your friend, partner, trainer or team mates.

Recruit someone you can trust and who is reliable.

That way you will have someone to be accountable too.

The point in question is that all generations should be encouraged to partake in exercise or sport. Regardless of intensity or type, and certainly, regardless of age. Not just the ‘next’ generation.