Fitness Formation column

Ryan Donohue.
Ryan Donohue.

I am a big bookworm. My goal is one book a week and I always hit that goal as I believe the biggest and most rewarding thing (for everyone) you can do, is to improve yourself.

Hence my obsession with self development. You simply can not be the best version of you, you can be, if you are not constantly improving every area of your life.

Be that in your career, your finances, your health, your personality.

Whatever it may be, we can all improve and we should do so, daily.

My book last week was one I have re-visited a few times now.

It is written by Steven Pressfield, named Turning Pro.

To conclude the book it is basically about changing your mindset from the amateur way of thinking to becoming ‘pro’ in everything you do in life.

Here are a few pointers that I believe we can all benefit from, if we take action. Read that sentence again and re-read the part where I say taking action. Failure to do that, is amateur and will leave you standing still.

Turing pro is free, but by no means is that easy.

You are where you are right now because of everything you have done in the past.

It does not matter where you came from, what circumstances unfolded throughout your past, what matters is how you have moved forward to where you are right now. The vast majority of people are right now, living an amateur life, coasting on by and being comfortable.

The best of the best, in all walks of life, are not happy with comfortable. If you are happy, then great, but do not get comfortable.

Always be pushing the limits of what you believe possible.

The passage from amateur to pro is hard, it is sacrificial and takes plenty of determination, but if you want to change your life, I strong suggest you go buy that book and take action on the principles in life.

Whoever you are, wherever you are in your life right now, I promise you if you push the boundaries of your comfortable way of life, doors will begin to open and your life will never be the same again.

You can turn pro at anything in life and you owe it to yourself, your friends, your family and your loved ones to be the best you, you can be.