Fitness Formation column

Ryan Donohue.
Ryan Donohue.

Today I want to give you a few unique tips that will help your exercise regime and ultimately help you avoid any plateaus and constantly be moving forward with your results.

First of all, it doesn’t matter what time of day you work out.

I hear it every day, with people saying it is better to train first thing in the morning with no food in your belly or it is better to train after work so that you have more energy and you are loaded with five cups of coffee.

Truth be told, it does not matter. What matters is that you are consistent in your commitment to exercise at least three to four times a week.

Be that morning, noon and evening.

Consistency over a prolonged period of time with your exercise and nutrition is single handedly the one thing that will yield results.

Do you know those four hundred crunches you are doing every night before you go to bed? Please stop.

You are doing absolutely nothing for your fat loss and you will not have a washboard stomach from doing so.

What you will have, is chronic back pain and a really bad neck. So, stop. Stop today and never return to that.

Variety is key. It does not matter what exercise you are doing right now, what matters is that you are not doing the exact same thing over and over again.

Increase the intensity, increase the weight, do a different exercise for that muscle group, decrease your rest in-between your sets.

If you want the best results, you need to change your programming around every four to eight weeks.

The most important tip I could give you today is that you do not have to train every single day.

Professional athletes have rest days and so should we.

Not only will your body thank you for the much needed rest, but this is where the results come from.

In the correct context, rest and recovery are the best thing for your results.

I hope you take these basic principles and put them to good use this week.

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