Fitness Formation column

Ryan Donohue.
Ryan Donohue.

Seemingly every day I speak with clients who suffer from anxiety.

This can be caused from a multitude of different life experiences and reasons.

What is important is controlling this anxiety and slowly but surely beating it into submission.

We all have to deal with stresses in our life, be that work, kids, finances or our inner demons.

Here are a few tips to help you overcome anxiety, better your mindset and increase your happiness.

This may seem a little biased from my point of view, but any single professional out there would agree with me when I say exercise is single handedly the best thing you can do.

I always emphasise the importance of just getting out there and moving.

You don’t have to do anything extreme.

With the beautiful weather we have right now, get out on the promenade for a walk or maybe even a run, go for a cycle with your friends of family and if you can, try and do some form of boxing.

Get some gloves; find an exercise professional and just hit the pads or the bag.

I guarantee you it will change your day.

One of the most overlooked tools of dealing with anxiety is keeping a journal.

Every day, write in your journal as to what has been good in your day and what you made you happy.

Just do not forget to actually put in there what worried you and brought on any stress of anxiety.

Never let the worry grow to more than one. Deal with it and get rid of it.

Taking action always alleviates anxiety. Seek out help.

Go talk to someone who you can trust and make sure that person listens more than they talk.

Stretching, deep breathing and relaxation are rituals we should all do daily.

Make this a part of your day by scheduling it in your diary so there are no excuses about lack of time.

Literally stretch your whole body out whilst perfecting slow, deep rhythmic breathing and try to empty your mind.

If you are racing through your thoughts and worries in your head, this will help slow you down and decrease your stress.

It takes time though, so persevere with it.

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It takes time though, so persevere with it.