Fitness Formation: Christine leads by example and helps others achieve their goals

Christine Harwood.
Christine Harwood.

Mother of two, Christine Harwood, has been with Fitness Formation throughout the whole of 2013.

Working as a full time accountant with two children, a husband and a stepson is hard. You might know yourself how hard it is.

Then to find time to exercise, well, that’s another story. Over the last 15 years, Christine has been a member of various gyms locally and mainly attended exercise classes.

She said: “Since having my children my visits became less and less frequent and I found myself making excuses not to go.

“As a result, in December 2012, my weight began to creep up again. I decided it was time to do something about it and attempt to get myself back into regular exercise to lose the weight I had gained over the years before I hit 40 and that’s when I decided to contact Fitness Formation.

“I started group training with Fitness Formation in January 2013 and loved the style of training from day one.

“The first month was extremely hard but in that short time my fitness levels started to return and I started to lose weight. Within the first three to four months I had lost the weight I had gained from my pregnancies and dropped two dress sizes.

“During the summer I took part in three obstacle events – Total Warrior, Born Survivor and No Ego Challenge – which I would never have contemplated before training at Fitness Formation.”

Christine has smashed her original personal goals of losing weight and toning up and her focus has now shifted towards improving her fitness, strength and ability to complete as many events next year as possible.

With team Fitness Formation pledging to raise a total of £50,000 to £100,000 for St Johns Hospice next year – in partnership with the Lancaster Guardian’s Save Our Hospice appeal – Christine will be at the front of the pack as one of our committed fundraisers.

On a personal note from myself, Christine came into the group and saw results from day one.

She is highly committed and focused on not only bettering herself, but leading by example and helping others along their journey too. Personally, I am very proud of Christine and look forward to her continued progress next year.