Fitness Formation: Change your mind, change your life

Close-up of a young woman exercising at the park
Close-up of a young woman exercising at the park

With only six weeks to Christmas, life is getting more and more hectic.

The nights are getting darker earlier, the rain seems to be more frequent, work is stressing you out and it’s seemingly more difficult to motivate yourself to get down to the gym.

This is the time when the dedicated and the action takers make progress and strive for success.

I urge you to do one simple thing today. Take time out and think. Go back and refer to why you need to exercise.

If you haven’t got any ideas, you need to know exactly what you want and why you want whatever it is you want. Knowing the answer to these two important questions and constantly having them at the forefront of your mind, enables the ‘how’ to be accomplished no matter what. We’ve got six weeks to go before the big man and his reindeer come knocking.

Approach each day knowing exactly what you want and why you want it and I promise you, your life can change more in these six weeks than in the past six months or even years.

You could easily lose six to 20lbs of weight, decrease your body fat and increase your fitness and health.

As a result, with a few habitual routines cemented into your life, your personal life, relationships and business or career could change tenfold. Are you going to make the run in to 2014 the best of your life or are you going to sit by and wait until January 1?

The choice really is down to you. If you want any help or guidance in figuring out what you want to achieve, then don’t hesitate to get in touch via for a free trial at Fitness Formation and strategy session.