Everyday life can cause havoc on our targets

Ryan Donohue.
Ryan Donohue.

By now, we are well into the race for our resolution.

When we plan, we sometimes forget the one thing that will cause havoc as we chase down our targets. Life. Everyday life.

No day is ever perfect. Many of you who are reading this column have children, partners, jobs, and families. All of these things in one way, or another will play a part in the battle you face in the chase for perfection. Life is unpredictable.

This is where you need to be flexible, rather than defeated.

This column will give you a couple of ideas, and tips of how you can embrace the fact that you will rarely see a perfect day, and never see a perfect year.

Planning your exercise is something that you should be doing by now.

We discussed this earlier this year in our columns.

That said, have a contingency that you can do should child sickness strike or late finishes at work impact your planned session.

Exercise can be performed just about anywhere with a little imagination by using what you have, at any given time and in any place.

It might not be the perfect workout you had planned, but it’s still a workout.

Make allowances for missing sessions.

You may literally not have the time to workout due to the fact that some things in life are unavoidable and more important.

This may impact on two or three days of training but don’t let this mean that you accept defeat and give up on what it is that you want altogether when you can resume exercise.

If you accept them, you can modify any plans you had. Remember that we are looking at remaining flexible this year.

Turn everyday things into activity. Make your mundane, everyday tasks more of a challenge. Take the stairs. Walk to work. Park your car further away.

Break up long periods of sitting by moving around. Get active with the kids. If life gets in the way, you have at least had some form of exercise.

A few tips for you to follow to not only keep you on the road to your resolution, but also to stop you wasting your precious time chasing perfection.

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