Eric Ollerenshaw: I’m so proud to champion children’s ambassadors

Eric Ollerenshaw MP
Eric Ollerenshaw MP

In Parliament last week I was delighted to attend the Kidz Unlimited Awards which showcases the talent and achievements of Whizz-Kidz Ambassadors from across the UK.

Last year Whizz-Kidz transformed the lives of 2025 disabled children by providing life-changing mobility equipment and I am very proud to have been asked to be one of their Parliamentary Champions.

If you would like further information about their work please visit

Another great initiative I am pleased to support is the Summer Reading Challenge 2013.

This campaign is run by the national charity the Reading Agency, and hopes to encourage all primary school children to join their local library and take part in the challenge.

This year’s theme is “Creepy House” and as well as exploring Creepy House and its characters, you can take part in reading activities and collect pungent-smelling stickers to complete a collectable Creepy House poster.

Anyone in Lancaster who wishes to join should pop along to the library on Market Square Street where you can enrol for free or visit

Locally I popped in to the Ashton Golf Centre on Ashton Road, not to play a round myself, but have a look at this great local facility.

If you are interested in taking up the sport, Ashton Golf Centre is an ideal place to give it a go, with an informal atmosphere, no dress code, nine-hole course and that all-important driving range to practise your shots.

Finally, I didn’t think I could finish this week’s column without mentioning my dismay at the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) recommendation to increase MPs’ salaries.

In our current economic climate not only is it absurd to propose such an increase but completely insensitive to many hard-working people who have seen their pay frozen. So far this recommendation is just that but IPSA are consulting on it and I hope they will see some common sense before making a final decision.

As always, please contact me if I can be of any help. I represent everyone who lives in Lancaster regardless of how or whether you vote. My contact details are below.

Email: Phone: 0207 219 7096 or 01995 672975

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