Eric Ollerenshaw column: Referendum on the European Union is vital

Eric Ollerenshaw MP
Eric Ollerenshaw MP
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Last week in Parliament I was present, for the European Union Referendum Bill and obviously voted in favour.

The Bill has now passed its second reading with 304 votes in favour, although many members of Parliament abstained.

I am of the firm belief that, whatever your opinion on our relationship with Europe , a referendum on this issue is vital.

Locally, with Gala Season in full swing, I have been getting out and about across the ‘patch’ visiting many of these great events and last week I managed to pop into the Cockerham’s 60th Field Day,with Mary Hodgson the very first rose Queen crowning the 60th Rose Queen, Jenny Lawson. Every year I am delighted to see more new and dare I say novel activities put on and this year – so far – I have been fascinated by wonderful miniature gardens (a challenge to the Chelsea Flower Show) and extremely competitive potato racing – something which I am sure should be an Olympic Sport!

Finally, next week Google is coming to Lancaster! I am co-hosting an Internet Workshop for local businesses at the Storey Centre in Lancaster. This workshop is part of Google’s drive to help small businesses grow using the Internet and to help business owners harness new ‘e-skills’ and so far over 250,000 businesses across the UK have been helped through this programme. This free event has been designed to support and advise businesses regardless of your technical expertise – from starting out and creating your first website, through to improving an existing website and online marketing.

If you would be interested in booking a place please use the following link

As always, please contact me if I can be of any help. I represent everyone that lives in Lancaster regardless of how or whether you vote. My contact details are below.