Eric Ollerenshaw column: Environmental concerns over fracking process

Eric Ollerenshaw MP
Eric Ollerenshaw MP
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Last week in Parliament I, together with local colleagues, met with the Prime Minister to discuss fracking and a Community Benefit Scheme.

At the moment while I have nothing in principle against securing part of our future energy needs from our ‘own’ gas, I still have concerns regarding the impact of the process on both the quantity and quality of our water supplies.

I also want to make sure that if shale gas extraction is to start in Lancashire then Lancashire should get a significant share in the proceeds . This is why we asked for this meeting in order to raise these environmental and financial concerns if shale gas becomes a long-term energy option for the UK.

I also chaired the latest in a series of enquiries by the All Party Group on Pancreatic Cancer, this time taking evidence from the Pancreatic Charities and the Department of Health together with the new specialised commissioning group. With one more evidence session to go we hope to be in a position in November to present our findings on how both diagnosis and outcomes can be improved in terms of this particularly virulent cancer.

One good thing that came from this latest session was that since all surgery on the pancreas has been concentrated into 25 specialised centres, survival rates from surgery has improved from one in four to eight in 10 due to the higher expertise that can be developed in such centres.

Locally I called in to the Dolphinholme Summer Show last Saturday , which is now in its second ‘revived’ year. There was a packed crowd inspecting an extremely large number of entries.

Finally next week is KYN (Know Your Number) Week, which is part of a campaign by national charity, Blood Pressure UK, to encourage people to have their blood pressure checked. High blood pressure can lead to strokes and heart attacks, as well as being a risk factor for kidney disease and dementia.

Next week from September 16 to 22, there will be a Pressure Station at the pharmacy in Asda on Ovangle Road giving you the opportunity to pop in and have a check for free.