Eric Ollerenshaw column

Eric Ollerenshaw, Conservative MP for Lancaster and Fleetwood.
Eric Ollerenshaw, Conservative MP for Lancaster and Fleetwood.

The last week for me has seemed slightly longer than usual, no doubt because we once again saw the Infrastructure Bill (and Fracking) back in the Commons to consider amendments made in the Lords.

However, when the time came, I did feel that it was rushed through with little over an hour given for consideration, and therefore I once again voted against.

I decided to vote against on the simple grounds that I cannot see any reason why we cannot have a moratorium to give time to deal with local concerns, particularly over water courses and treatment and to also develop a much firmer idea of what the return will be for the local communities which might be affected.

On a lighter note, it was good to see Lee Dickson and Hayley Mars, two local students from Lancaster University, in Parliament to exhibit their posters on American Civil Rights and the Crusades.

This was part of a national poster exhibition and I must say that they were brilliant and another great advert for our city and university.

Locally we saw the publication of the Better Care Together report that outlines a vision for a way forward for our NHS Trust.

In terms of progression for the RLI, the suggestion that some investment now, in building layout, could save a great deal of money in the future seems a sensible one, as was demonstrated by the figure of £250,000 being spent transporting patients around the present sites.

As many of you will know for some time now I have been calling for some extra financial recognition due to the large and varied geographical area that our trust covers and I am even more convinced that we really do need to work cross party on this as we look to the future.

Finally, I had a great visit to the Cathedral Catholic Primary School on Balmoral Road. I was given a tour of this Grade 2 listed building and their head, Ms Goddard, outlined the numerous difficulties experienced due to this.

However I must say that despite this I was really impressed with the enthusiasm shown by all of the staff and students alike – especially at ‘Question Time’ when they grilled me about my job and even how much I am paid.