Eric Ollerenshaw column

Eric Ollerenshaw.
Eric Ollerenshaw.

Last week as Chairman of the All Party group on Pancreatic Cancer, along with Pancreatic Cancer UK and colleagues I handed in a national petition to Number 10, calling on the drug Abraxane to remain available through the Cancer Drugs Fund.

While this drug unfortunately isn’t a cure, it has been the first new drug for 20 years to offer a possible extra two months of life to some sufferers from this terrible disease.

Locally I had the chance to call into our local sorting office to have a look at the work done during the Christmas rush.

As I am sure many of you will know Christmas is the busiest time of the year for the postal service and although there has in recent years been a slight decline in cards the opposite can be said for parcels.

With the increase of ‘internet’ shopping there has been a drastic increase in Parcels which as proved slightly challenging not only due to size and wait, but also as many of these packages have to be signed for.

One of the initiatives our local sorting office have taken to try to ensure that everyone gets their parcels on time is to start the delivery rounds even earlier so that they catch people before they go to work.

So far this has proved to be a success and I would like to thank all the post office staff for all their hard work and hope that they get a well-deserved break once the ‘festive’ season is over.

I also had a meeting with regards to Electric Vehicles and Charging Points, which proved rather interesting.

With technology rapidly moving on, more and more people are considering purchasing an electric vehicle as the distance they can travel and the ease of charging have improved.

However, unfortunately here in Lancashire – and particularly in Lancaster – there are a lack of public ‘charging points’ compared with the rest of the UK.

Currently there are Government grants available to local authorities to help with the cost of installing these in public car parks and this is something I will be discussing with the county council as this does seem a good way to attract people into the area as it creates an ideal opportunity to do a spot of shopping while you charge your vehicle.