Eric Ollerenshaw column

Eric Ollerenshaw MP.
Eric Ollerenshaw MP.

Last week I was able to visit the Royal Life Saving Society’s (RLSS) awareness event in Parliament to learn more about their latest campaign to reduce the number of drowings in the UK.

With the summer just starting, this is an important time to raise awareness of water safety and what can be done to minimise the risk of drowning.

The work being done by the RLSS in this regard is fantastic and it was great to have met them, as well as receiving basic CPR training myself.

If you would like more information please go to

Back in the North, I managed to visit Bowerham Community Primary School to meet some of the staff and pupils as well as getting a quick tour of the school itself.

With the refurbishment now complete it was great to get this chance to have a look around and I was very impressed with the new extension and the wonderful outdoor play area with the ‘living sculptures.

While there I also got a brief preview of this year’s Year 6 annual play – A Midsummers Night’s Dream – which I can most definitely say I am sure will be a hit.

On Friday I arranged to pay my respects to a number of war graves across the Lancaster and Fleetwood constituency with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC).

Locally, I managed to visit the cemeteries at Shireshead (near Forton) and Cockerham with the CWGC Regional Supervisor, Chris Hawes.

Across the whole of Lancaster and Fleetwood constituency there are 267 war graves, all maintained by the CWGC who want people and in particular schools to know that a visit to war graves can be just around the corner.

In order to maintain the graves the CWGC actually put new headstones up, once the old one has deteriorated to the point that the name becomes illegible so quite literally “they” will not be forgotten.

I would like to thank the CWCG for all their hard work in ensuring that those who have sacrificed themselves for us are given the proper respect that they deserve.