Eric Ollerenshaw column

Eric Ollerenshaw MP.
Eric Ollerenshaw MP.

Last week I had the chance to welcome students from Cawthorne’s Endowed School, Abbeystead, and Scorton and Caldervale schools to Downing Street for an appearance in front of the famous door as part of their week in London.

The students had already had a guided tour of Parliament the day before, and whilst outside Number 10, we managed to have a quick question and answer session as members of the Cabinet went in and out the said door.

Sticking with schools, back up in Lancaster I was invited to take part in one of Ripley St Thomas School’s enrichment days in order to answer questions as part of a Question Time style panel in front of Year 9’s.

There were quite a number of questions around the M6 link road, exams being made harder, votes for 16 year olds and school buses of course.

My thanks to the staff for the usual brilliant organisation, which just demonstrated for me once again what great educational provision we have in Lancaster and in particular at Ripley.

Having spent most of my week campaigning in the elections, can I just add my thanks to the Town Hall staff and the Returning Officer for the efficient way the whole process was managed all the way through to the count.

Naturally there is always a lot of tension around amongst parties, candidates and supporters and given there was one count for the local by-elections last Friday and a second one for the Europeans on the Sunday.

It all went so smoothly when compared to problems in other parts of the country.

This part of the our electoral system is a key part in ensuring all of us can be guaranteed a fair and honest democratic process and you only have to look at what has happened in parts of the Ukraine to realise the importance of the people who have to manage the electoral process.

As always, please contact me if I can be of any help. I represent everyone that lives in Lancaster regardless of how or whether you vote. You can email me at or call 0207 219 7096 or 01995 672975.