Emphasis is still on raising awareness for autism

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan.

This week the focus of my column will be changing. I will still be writing about autism and how autism affects my family, but this will be done from a differing viewpoint.

The time has now come for me to stop writing about Tom. Instead of writing specifically about him, I will be writing about my own thoughts and feelings with regards to what is happening in the wider world and how this impacts upon the autism community.

So why have I decided to do this? Well, the reason is very simple. Tom is getting older. I started to write about him in my own personal blog when he was a pre-schooler, but he has now just turned seven years of age. When we celebrated his seventh birthday, I started to question if I should still be writing about him. The answer that rang clearly in my head was, no.

Although my column has been a positive one, I like to be positive, I am an eternal optimist, and I now feel uneasy writing about him, and Stephen, as they are both getting older.

I have chatted to Stephen about my blogs and column and about what I write in them and he has been happy for me to do so, but I cannot communicate this thought to Tom, as he would not understand my meaning.

Would he want me to write about him now he is no longer little? I do not know, and this is what I have needed to consider. So it is time for a change, for a different angle, but hopefully still with the emphasis of raising autism awareness and acceptance within our community.

So for now, Tom and his various escapades will take a back seat. Instead, I will focus on the news, politics, television and books with the occasional celebrity thrown in here and there, and write about how what is happening in the world affects the autism community, and in particular my family.

I feel more at peace with this change in refection, as I am writing about me. It will be my voice that I am happy to share.

I may write about Tom again, in the years to come, but only if he is happy for me to do so.

So, as this chapter closes, another will begin. I hope that you all understand.