Discovering the Lakes, while they’re free

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IN a remarkable display of family unity we braved the winter chill last Saturday to enjoy a day in the Lake District.

We had two reasons for doing this. Firstly, my wife decided it would be a good idea for us all to spend some time together in the great outdoors – as opposed to trawling round the shops or watching telly.

And secondly, we’d better make the most of our chance to see the Lakes before the government flogs huge swathes of it off to some billionaires to build private golf courses and seven-star luxury hotels made out of gold and diamonds on it.

Still, why not? It’s not like a load of our country’s assets haven’t already been systematically flogged off in the last 25 years – just about everything that’s worth selling has already been sold so why not sell the ground beneath our feet while you’re at it?

See the Lancaster Guardian (04-02-11) for full story.