Discovered that TV was missed more than laptop

Jane Binnion.
Jane Binnion.

I don’t know if it’s something in the air, but it’s been a funny old week here.

Before I get into that though I want to say a big ‘Hello’ to Margaret, an inspirational older woman I met at the Memory Mastery seminar last week.

She told me that she reads this column every week even though she doesn’t have a computer.

It made me wonder again how on earth do people who don’t have the internet know what’s going on?

Those of us that are reliant on the internet for news updates can easily forget that people still look at posters and announcements in the paper.

So last week my fridge, car, laptop and TV all 
broke down. Interestingly we discovered that out of 
all of them it was our lovely old TV that we missed 

We don’t really watch TV but we do love Netflix.

Also our TV is 20 years old and we thought that would be the end of it.

One of the things I dislike about our modern tech’ age is the throw away culture that has developed.

Luckily for us I was directed, via twitter, to Gary who has a workshop in White Cross and my TV 
got fixed for £40, so we 
have a few more years together.

In fact everything else got fixed and nothing was thrown away, despite my lap top being over four years old, so I totally recommend checking out local, small independent traders that will fix, not scrap, if at all possible.

Talking about the throwaway society, did any of you buy the new Apple watch yet?

It is actually a watch, be it a watch that you have to put on charge every night.

People who had pre-ordered had it shipped 
last Friday, but it won’t 
actually be in stores until June.

One of my favourite things on the internet 
last week was Lancaster Guardian’s The Great Debate.

I know most of us are pretty fed up of the same old same old by now, so to be able to watch our local Parliamentary candidates share their views in depth and answer questions tweeted 
in by residents was really 
interesting and entertaining.

It’s still on the website if you want to watch it.

Have a great week and stay safe online