Days of sunny holidays on beach are now long gone

Allan Blackburn.
Allan Blackburn.

There’s a lot of talk about holidays in the office at the moment.

For those of my team who have small children, the summer term is in full swing and thoughts turn to the six weeks holiday and coping with child care, long sunny days on the beach or weekends away in Legoland.

For me, those days are gone and now I like to take Gloria away for a nice city break. Back in April we were fortunate to get to Florence somewhere I’ve not been before but somewhere I have always wanted to visit.

Wow, we were not disappointed; what an amazing place.

Florence is a wondrous city. The architecture is incredible and we spent most of the week visiting museums and churches. To actually see the paintings of Michelangelo in real life was a thrilling experience.

He really was an absolute master of his craft.

We travelled with two good friends of ours – my accountant who is now retired and his wife.

Next week, we are going to Iceland with the same friends and another couple.

When we all get together we have the best time.

Fondly, the two men and I call our wives “The Three Musketeers” as they are inseparable when they’re together, leaving us to our own conversation and company at times.

The ladies just talk and talk and talk.

We laugh at them and remark that we have no idea how they understand each other, as often they all talk at the same time.

So the ladies drink champagne, shop and talk. Gloria says it’s the perfect holiday.

I love flying and am happy to fly.

I never worry about it as I’ve done an awful lot of flying in my time.

When I worked in my Grandfathers’ textile business in Preston between 1965 and 1990, I was often in the air.

I was selling all over the world and would spend every other week away from home.

The business employed 300 people and I was a director for 25 years.

It was down to me to get the export sales. It was a lot of pressure so it wasn’t always fun and being away from home was tough. I still work hard now but I do relish my holidays and time with family and friends.