David Morris column: Water meets its mark

MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale, David Morris
MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale, David Morris
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Earlier this week, I was invited to talk about the European beach water directive on the BBC Daily Politics programme.

The directive means that from next year the test for beach water will be twice as strict – our two designated swimming areas Morecambe North and Morecambe South have both passed and actually the most recent tests in June show that the standard of water is higher than required.

I do think that this is something the EU doesn’t need to meddle in and is creating yet more European Union tape. The Morecambe Bay Partnership is currently working on the fantastic Love My Beach project to maintain standards.

Good luck to local restaurant Babar Elephant on Morecambe Road. I have nominated them for the 2014 Tiffin Cup Competition. This is the ninth year of the annual Tiffin Cup which is organised by a cross-party group of Members of Parliament known as the Tiffin Club. Each MP is invited to nominate one South Asian restaurant from their constituency to go through to a regional final.

The top 10 entrants will be invited to a special cook-in in Westminster. The competition aims to raise the profile of the quality and diversity of South Asian food in Britain as well as raise money for the charity World Vision.

I was pleased to have been invited to open Moss View in Heysham last week. Moss View provides a Community Rehabilitation Unit. Within the centre, there are 12 beds that have been designed to replicate living to enable patients to progress back to independent living. There are also 10 high-dependency beds.

It was a particular pleasure to meet some of the 62 staff who work there and do a fantastic job.

The Government has recently added £50million to the Green Deal Fund. The scheme is designed to help householders, landlords and tenants install a range of energy-efficiency measures such as solid wall insulation and new heating systems by providing them with money back on the contributions they make towards improvements.

Morecambe and Lunesdale constituents can get up to £7,600 back through a new Green Deal Home Improvement Fund so they can take control of their bills and have warmer, greener homes.

In the first two weeks, £8.5million was allocated so it is well worth applying to make your home energy efficient. Perhaps the summer months are the best time to prepare for when the temperature falls later in the year.