David Morris column

David Morris MP.
David Morris MP.

On Tuesday last week I attended a business lunch at SHP Limited on White Lund Industrial Estate. SHP are a local firm which specialise in recycling IT equipment.

SHP is going from strength to strength at the moment and Simon and Craig who run the company are currently in the process of creating nine new jobs all of which they will be looking to recruit local people.

The current chairman of the company is Lord Digby Jones the former Chair of the CBI.

Lord Digby Jones was present at the meeting and we discussed the current improvements in the economy and how this has helped business.

On Friday I had a meeting with the development manager for the regional branch of the Federation of Small Businesses.

I expressed my support for their #ibacksmallbuisness campaign and listened to the federation’s ideas of how Government can improve legislation for self-employed people, in my role as self-employed ambassador to the Government.

In the Lune Valley one of the biggest issues I receive in my mailbox is wind farms being put up on the rural landscape.

I have always been against large onshore wind turbines and will support the community opposing any applications in my constituency.

I believe that the only way we can plug the energy deficit is through the roll out of nuclear power.

The Government have recently announced that should they be in a majority in May they will stop public subsidy for newly planned onshore wind farms and they will also ensure that all large scale onshore windfarms will have to go through the locally led planning system and not the national infrastructure regime.

I know that the announcement that the Government will stop public subsidy of wind farms will be a welcome one to many of my constituents in the rural area who have contacted me on this issue.

If you need to contact me please call my office on 01524 841225 or by email david.morris.mp@parliament.uk.