David Morris column

David Morris MP.
David Morris MP.

The year 2014 has seen changes for the better in our local health services and that can only be testament to our great health professionals in our area.

When I became your MP we had a hospital in meltdown only held together by the staff.

In March 2010, Andy Burnham granted the local trust a new foundation status with autonomous powers from government.

This was based on CQC reports which were inaccurate and I later exposed information from the CQC was being intentionally surpressed.

At that time there were no laws for government to assist troubled foundation trusts and the CQC were deemed by their new chief executive as not fit for purpose and had to be reformed.

Due to the troubles experienced here in health and elderly care, I worked on new laws to sort out these problems.

As a result government can help hospitals that need it and care home owners can be prosecuted for mistreatment of our elderly relatives.

I am proud of these changes as they came from your direct experiences.

Our local NHS trust has since seen vast improvements under a new team. We have 4 new hospital wards at the RLI , a new health centre in Heysham worth £25 million, a same day health centre in Morecambe and a significant investment of 150 million on the way to assist further.

We have also had an increase in Government funding for CCG’s for community health services.

Recently you may have been subjected to scaremongering by union based campaign groups and political campaigners about baseless hospital closures and erroneous privatisation of our NHS for their political agenda. The health secretary Jeremy Hunt MP did an exclusive interview with this newspaper to state that these tactics are irresponsible and quite simply lies, please be vigilant.

Two years ago I asked minister Dr Dan Poulter MP to visit the area to see the extent of our problems.

A few weeks ago he returned and was elated with the progress of our NHS. We should all wish our health professionals a Happy New Year.