David Morris column

David Morris MP
David Morris MP

Last Monday in Parliament I attended the Prime Minister’s statement on the European leaders meeting in Brussels.

The Prime Minister told the House of the 2 billion Euros the European Union has demanded from the UK by December because our economy is doing so well.

The Prime Minister had refused to pay this extra sum and I fully support him in his decision.

During the statement I congratulated the Prime Minister for being the first prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher to say no to Europe.

On Wednesday I hosted a debate in Westminster Hall to discuss my plans for a tunnel under Morecambe Bay to Barrow.

Even though my idea is in the embryonic stages I see it as phase two of the M6 Link project.

The tunnel which could be built in the next 10 years would bring with it billions of pounds of investment, would link Heysham to job opportunities at BAE systems, Sellafield and the National Nuclear Laboratory.

It would also link the two hospital sites of Lancaster and Barrow.

I am aware that the idea of a barrage has been in discussion for many years but was finally taken off the table when it was not able to meet environmental constraints in the Bay.

National Grid are currently consulting on a power tunnel which will go under the Bay, which shows that the technology is there to build a tunnel and that in theory a tunnel is possible under Morecambe Bay.

I have a can-do attitude as your Member of Parliament and feel that this tunnel could be a real possibility in the future.

On Thursday I was listed to ask a parliamentary question about the burden of government regulation on farmers.

Unfortunately the session overran and my question had to be instead submitted in a written format.

I did however receive a positive answer which said that under this government regulation of farmers had been reduced by 80 per cent.

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