David Morris column

David Morris, Morecambe and Lunesdale MP.
David Morris, Morecambe and Lunesdale MP.

This weekend I was saddened to hear the news that our beloved Eric Morecambe statue has been vandalised.

I cannot believe the motives that would cause an individual to carry out such an act and hope that the police can bring the individual to full justice.

The promenade is not the same without Eric and I hope that Lancaster City Council can repair him quickly and put him back where he belongs.

On Friday I spent the evening in the company of nurses, teachers and successful business people.

I attended the annual motorbikes festival in Silverdale, held this year at the Silver Sapling campsite.

I understand that before the event some people in the village were concerned about the noise from this event.

I attended the event on Friday night and found that the noise was kept to such a level that I could not hear the tent from where I parked at the entrance of the site.

Bikers tend to have a bad reputation but this could found not be further from the truth.

I met a group of professional people who have a shared interest in motorcycles, but who also do a great deal of charity work raising money for cancer research and Donna’s dream house amongst other charities.

At the event I met Debbie and Andy Houghton who help run the North West Blood bikes.

Blood bikes help our local hospitals by transporting human tissues, blood, blood samples and medication amongst other things across hospital sites in the North West out of hours.

Blood bikes is run by volunteers and the equipment is transported free if charge to the hospital.

This saves the hospital a huge amount in taxi fares and is also a much quicker service for items which are usually required as an emergency.

Blood bikes are able to act quickly in urgent situations and they have saved hundreds of lives across the district.

As always I am happy to help with any issues you may have.

You can contact me by phone 01524 841225, email david.morris.mp@parliament.uk or by post Office 204, Riverway House, Morecambe Road, Skerton, LA1 2RX