David Morris column

David Morris MP.
David Morris MP.

This week has been a momentous week in the history of the United Kingdom.

On Thursday last week the Scottish people voted to stay as part of the United Kingdom by 55 per cent of the vote after a record turnout.

The Prime Minister, David Cameron MP, has promised the people of Scotland they will now have more powers to govern their own affairs as part of a devolution Max arrangement.

Not only is this a change in the way Scottish affairs are run but it also raises questions about the role that Scottish MP’s should have in Westminster.

The Prime Minister has announced his intention to ensure that when a bill which only effects England is being debated in Parliament only English MP’s are able to vote on whether the bill should become an Act of Parliament.

This will give English MP’s more powers to decide on issues which only relate to England.

The Prime Minister has set up a committee to assess how this will be able to work and the Rt Hon William Hague MP, leader of the House, will chair the group.

From previous columns you may already know that I sit on the Political and constitutional Reform Committee as the constitution of this country is something I take great interest in.

My Committee has already been given a brief to work alongside William Hague’s Cabinet Committee, and act as an advisor on how we feel this change to the constitution should happen.

Please contact me with your views on English votes for English MP’s, or the changes to Scotland and I will ensure that they are passed on to the committee and debated.

I will keep you informed on the progress of these historic meetings in the coming months.

If you have an issue you would like my help with please do not hesitate to contact me on 01524 841225, by email David.morris.mp@parliament.uk or by post at Office 204, Riverway House, Morecambe Road, Skerton, LA1 2RX.