Who's the Daddy: Lessons in taking students’ cash

There’s only one reason why students have been dragged off to university - rent.

By Who is the Daddy
Saturday, 3rd October 2020, 12:30 pm
Who is the Daddy
Who is the Daddy

Despite the fact that most, if not all, lectures, tutorials and seminars are now delivered online - meaning students could easily study from home - landlords still want paying. Sometimes the landlords are the unis themselves, charging £2,000 a term for a cell with a desk, a chair, a bed and a bathroom the size of an aeroplane toilet.

But in pre-Covid times, who cared? Rooms in halls were for crashing out in after going out four nights a week and occasionally where you pulled an all-nighter to crash out an essay.

Last weekend Manchester Met’s were manned by security guards, telling students they couldn’t leave - or at least they were until lawyers offered their help for free because they were being unlawfully held prisoner.

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It’s bad enough when students were charged £9,250 a year tuition fees when they got a whole 11 hours a week face time with lecturers. Now it’s the world’s most expensive online subscription service. To put this into context, we only pay £5.99 a month for Netflix. I don’t know about you, but I’ve a sneaking suspicion our kids are being ripped off. And if that’s not bad enough, the belligerent cabal of Eton ghouls running the country (into the ground) are trying to lay the blame at students, or anyone really, for a second spike in infections. They’re in charge, but when things go wrong it’s always somebody else’s fault. Do you want a list? Well this column only has enough space for 380 words.

Who could have known that shoehorning a bunch of 18-year-olds, off the leash for the first time in their lives into halls, they’d behave like, er, 18-year-olds, off the leash for the first time in their lives?

Anyone with half a brain, that’s who. And judging by some of their bewildering gibberish in the last six months, it seems like that’s all you need to get a job in Boris Johnson’s Cabinet.

Anyway, daughter #1’s holed up at uni with six housemates because they’d signed a pre-Covid lease with a private landlord. She may be home for Christmas, depending on what the law is that day.