Usurped by lady with an S

Nicola Adams MBENicola Adams MBE
Nicola Adams MBE
What is in a name, after all?

Unless, like some poor unfortunate in Germany, your parents named you Hitler Mussolini.


In reality I believe the name you are stuck with does have a massive influence on you throughout your life and impacts how people view you , until of course they get to know you.

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My own pretty standard name has certainly impacted mine, if only if it meant I sat at front of class and was register monitor due to an accident of alphabet – and I’m still stinging from the ignominy of having my BCG innoculation first.

The relatively rare Scottish Adam, without an S, afforded me number one spot on Google searches until I was obliterated by a usurper with an ‘S’ – Olympic gold medallist Nicola Adams with whom I will not be picking a fight.

A combination of butter fingers and email confusion means I am now in contact with two Nicola Adams, one in Vancouver and one in Australia.

Both have been recipients of correspondence intended for me, both are of similar age and both are of course, top ladies.

Must be the name..

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Of course women named Nicola (Nikki, Nicky, Nic..) are two a penny from my generation, as the name Emily is for seven-year-old girls and Harry is for four year-old boys.

However I can’t help feel for my childhood friends – and twins – Sharon and Tracy whose monikers now epitomise a certain trend in time.

I can’t help feel we all got off lightly compared with (and these are all real people) Destinee Hooker, Harry Bushrod, Jesus Condom and my heart goes out to Dr Shit Fun Choo, his name often abbreviated in esteemed literary publications to Dr SF Chew.

Of course, it can just be hard work if your namesake gets very famous, so sympathy to the Robbie Williams’ and Kate Middletons out there.

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In the course of my reporting career I have come across some interesting names – it can’t have been easy for former police chiefs Alf Hitchcock or Graham Gooch, whose names were already pretty much taken.

And as for Harry Balls, I’d blame your parents if I were you..

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