The doctor’s reception decides if you’re ill!

I went to the doctors last week (nothing too serious, you’ll be thrilled to hear) but still a rather bizarre experience. I’m generally quite a healthy person, or so I thought until Carla persuaded me to do a charity 5K run with her.

By David Brayshaw
Wednesday, 4th November 2015, 5:08 pm

Anyway, in I go and, instead of joining the queue at reception, I’m invited to check in at from screen on the wall. I wonder whether it’s voice activated? So I ambled up, pretending to know exactly what I’m doing, and say ‘hello’. Nothing, with the exception of the 15 people, sat waiting who all look round to see the idiot who’s talking to the TV screen.

Progress, I suppose, but for me, nothing beats a formidable Doctors’ receptionist, as they’re the ones who decide if you’re ill.

I had another busy day the other Wednesday. I was at the Sefton Road Ladies Church Group in the afternoon and a Lancaster City Council meeting in the evening. I was invited to speak to the Ladies Group last year just after the first Carnival and, I had a very enjoyable afternoon so, when they asked me back I jumped at the chance.

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Chairman of Morecambe Carnival organising committee David Brayshaw.

I recognised some of ladies from my school days, as the mums of some of my friends and I’m happy to report I’m still in touch with many of my school friends to this day. It was great to see the ladies again and talk to them about our plans for next year’s Carnival. The ladies, very generously, gave me a contribution towards MC16 and I’m already looking forward to seeing them again next year.

This week’s speaker is a 70-year-old lady who has been dog sledding in the Arctic – a bit more exciting than me!

So that Wednesday evening was full Council meeting. Now before anyone points out I’m not on City Council because Carla beat me by one vote, I know! I went to offer support to Carla and my pal Brendan Hughes, who also got on to council in May. He was proposing a motion objecting to the police cuts I wrote about.

There were some quite aggressive comments directed at the Council Leader, which I thought were unnecessary, then there were comments thrown in about Morecambe Firework Event (which were inaccurate) and then there was the, by now, infamous personal attack on one of the youngest councillors which, I thought, was completely inappropriate. Councillors disagree, that’s to be expected, but the level of anger from this one councillor was uncalled for.

If he’d spoken to Carla in that way, I’d have found it difficult to remain calm. Mind you, anyone who knows Carla would know better than to speak to her in that manner. In another life she would have made an excellent doctors’ receptionist.