Review: ITV's psychological drama Too Close is more of a near-miss

After last week’s frankly dreadful Intruder, we had another ‘prestige’ drama stripped across the week, and while this one shared similarities, Too Close (ITV, Mon-Weds, 9pm) was a different beast.

By Phil Cunnington
Friday, 16th April 2021, 6:00 pm

The first episode seemed to set things up as a psychological thriller, as forensic shrink Emma Robertson (Emily Watson) tries to work out whether or not Connie Mortenson (Denise Gough) really did try to kill her children in a late night long drive off a short bridge.

Initially Connie – known in the tabloids as the Yummy Mummy Monster – comes over like a female Hannibal Lecter (a Lectress?), combining acute psychological insight with mad staring eyes.

These first encounters between Emma and Connie are supposed to be tense and combative, but Emma seems so passive, so easily influenced, that at no point does she comes across as an experienced psychologist.

Denise Gough starred in the new ITV drama Too Close this week

From there, Too Close morphs over the following two episodes, but it’s difficult to tell exactly what it wants to be. Without giving too much away, the ending doesn’t head in the direction the first instalment was pointing, but while it’s not at all downbeat, it is a little limp.

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However, the performances are great –Karl Johnson steals every scene as Connie’s dad, while Watson and Gough’s relationship evolves believably as each reveals a little more to the other. In the end, it’s close, but no cigar.

Quite why Snackmasters (C4, Tues, 9pm) is on after the watershed is anyone’s guess. If my 11-year-old is any judge, watching two chefs recreate a Wagon Wheel is perfect Saturday morning viewing.

Bent Coppers (BBC2, Weds, 9pm) was a look at real-life anti-corruption investigations, as Line of Duty continues to twist and turn. Enlivened with terrific animations, this was an eye-opening watch.

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