Renewed optimism for the future

I recently wrote about the uncertainty professionals are facing which brought comments that I seemed extremely downbeat. Not so, as I do believe there are always positives to be taken from any situation.

Saturday, 26th December 2015, 12:40 pm

I commented that to survive we have to diversify and my firm are looking to other areas of the law to ascertain what opportunities there are. It is somewhat ironic that, not too many years ago, we were strongly advised by those who supposedly lead our profession to specialise in our chosen field of law whereas now we are told to be “more flexible.”

On a personal level, I feel I have been slightly fortunate as I hope to continue to do criminal defence work and feel my years of experience have left me well equipped to be able to do so.

In fact, I feel I am probably benefitting from that experience in that I am currently working on a number of high-profile cases.

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John Halewood Dodd

I obviously can’t go into detail but I find myself very much in demand and have been flying around the country to various courts, police stations and prisons. This can be interesting and exciting, but also very demanding.

Within the last month l have been instructed in the North East, the South West and London. I enjoy taking on new challenges and part of that enjoyment involves new experiences which take me outside of my comfort zone. The case in London involved my client being arrested on a European Arrest Warrant which had been issued on behalf of the Cypriot authorities. They were seeking his deportation in relation to serious matters and I travelled to oppose this.

I had never dealt with a case of this type previously and was more than a little nervous when I arrived at Westminster Magistrates’ Court but I had done my research and thankfully things went in our favour.

Cases like this leave me with renewed optimism for the future and I feel invigorated to take on these new challenges.

This is the way in which we should all look to the future. On that note I would like to wish everyone who knows me, and who reads my ramblings, a very Merry Christmas.