Nicola Adam column: Working style with a smile

Nicola Adam, Group EditorNicola Adam, Group Editor
Nicola Adam, Group Editor
I visited a city that not only lives but exploits its cliches this weekend.

The wonderful city of Liverpool.

Now of course there is so much about Liverpool, it can hardly be defined by the penchants of its inhabitants, but blimey they do make this friendliest of cities memorable.

Greeted as I was by three pink and sparkly hen do groups and some indecipherable accents (you have to get your ear in).. I would have known I was in this city even if I had been dropped in by parachute, blindfolded and earmuffed, from a great height.

It positively revels in its individualities and identity.

Scousers are loud and proud.

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On this particular occasion, stepping off my train into the station concourse I was greeted by fighting, masked, anti-fascist protesters and a plethora of riot police, watched in turn in fascination by the multiple bride-to-be’s in their flashing tiaras and a man dressed in a tiger onesie risking his life for an iPhone video.

Liverpool is many things and boring is not one of them.

A city famous for many things including the Beatles, yet it is its Liver Birds that are the most memorable.

Not those Liver birds, instead the ones (among whose ranks I was a temporary member) determined to test their livers over the period of weekend while dressed up in style, ideally with added glitter.

But in this city, style has a completely different meaning to that of say, London or Preston.

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Here is deemed not just acceptable but actually fashionable to complete one’s daily Saturday tasks with hair proudly up in rollers.

And I don’t mean while nipping for milk, instead ideally while designer clothes shopping after a spray tan and attending a girly lunch in the most fashionable of bistros.

These girls consider themselves dressed down in their Armani jumpsuits and toting bags that more than my month’s salary.

Only in Liverpool.

And back to the spray tan.

Here, there is no thing as too orange, and while we are on the subject no thing as lips too plump.

It is no coincidence it boasts more beauty salons per street than anywhere else.

The Liver birds know how to work their cliches and they do so with pride, with a smile, and style.