Make sure you follow the Facebook rules

It's Sunday tea time as I write and it's been a glorious day, encouraging me to get outside and soak up some Vitamin D before winter arrives. I just love autumn, the colours, the late summer sunshine, gathering in the last of the fruit and veg and giving away the surplus. As a kid the Harvest Festival was my favourite event. We all donated food and distributed it to those less well off and I'm glad to see that spirit still exists locally.
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On Saturday I went to the fundraiser for the People's Cafe and it was just lovely. Lots of us made soup, bread and cakes to share and the turnout was inspiring, particularly after seeing the startling news on Twitter that nearly 100,000 children in England are homeless. If you're interested in finding out more, Lancaster People's Cafe is a public group on Facebook. There's also a short film on there about the Olive Branch food bank.

The thing about working in the digital world is there's always something new to learn. Things change so quickly that as a trainer I have to spend around 20% of my working week doing research. This week I went down to Loughborough to learn how to use a system to turn my training courses into e-learning modules.

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The main thing I learned is that it's very time consuming to put a course together. While e-learning won’t ever replace face-to-face training, it is a massive growth area as it's convenient and a cheaper way of training staff. As it's been on my 'to do' list for two years, I will now give it some attention.

Jane BinnionJane Binnion
Jane Binnion

Organisations have been getting into trouble again breaking Facebook rules by using a profile for business and running competitions that insist people 'like and share'. Facebook's rules are very clear and they can and will delete accounts which flaunt them. So if you use Facebook for business and are not sure what's what, check out Facebook's Help section, or get in touch with me, as it's an awful lot of hard work down the drain when they delete you.

If you want a laugh, I recommend going onto Twitter and following @manwhohasitall - Top tips for men juggling a successful career and fatherhood. It provides a regular stream of tweets turning the women's magazine stuff on it's head, such as "Does your wife help out with the housework? You are VERY LUCKY. Blessed & charmed. I'm lucky, my wife once put her own socks away." Have a good week and stay safe on-line.