Let’s put seafood back on top of the menu

Nothing beats the great taste of fresh seafood especially if it’s caught, landed and presented to you almost immediately - where in our town can you experience that?

Monday, 5th October 2015, 4:53 pm
Mick Dennison. Pub Landlord. York Hotel, Morecambe.

For those of a certain age (and I include myself in that), there used to be an establishment called Morecambe Bay Trawlers. It was situated opposite the Bull and beside the old technical college, now sadly a car park.

Pass there any day and you would see the shrimp pickers in action and also the fine array of freshly caught fish on the tables outside. There was also a fine display of fresh seafood at the top of Queen Street where Blackburn's fish and chip cafe is now. Sadly, those days are long gone.

It all got me thinking that as a seaside town, with a huge larder out there before us, why, apart from our famous shrimps, is there little or no exposure and public awareness of the fact.

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Picture Jonathan Gawthorpe.

I set about conducting one of my renowned opinion polls - across the bar of the York - and found out some people are not even aware we have a company in the town with a royal seal in Baxters.

Many of the young ladies I spoke to couldn't stand fish, many quoting they hated the thought of eating something with eyes! (Only eat in McDonald's then if they use blind cows!). Let's face it, we don't even have a genuine fish or seafood restaurant in the town what next, we stop selling buckets and spades?

So, my aim over the next few months is to get about the town, search out exactly who is connected with the sea and find out how we could possibly put our town back on the map as to being a seafood destination.

It says it all when I picked up a pre-packed carton of brown shrimps in one of our supermarkets, checked out the label and discovered they were from Holland. Worst still, distributed from Wiltshire - 240 miles away.

So, I'm looking for the input from, fishmongers, restaurants, anglers and the such like to help me piece together a seafood odyssey of Morecambe Bay. Rick Stein may visit again!