Families, children and disabled pay price for financial crisis

I was pleased to have the opportunity to meet staff, students and management at Beaumont College, Lancaster, to discuss the staff cuts which have been proposed from Scope who run the college.

Thursday, 16th July 2015, 10:08 pm
Cat Smith

Beaumont offers an outstanding university-like education to young disabled people who wouldn’t otherwise get the chance.

The original proposal from Scope, as well as the job losses, included approximately a 13% pay cut to remaining staff.

I’m pleased to say the organisation has reviewed this and, while there are still job losses and a pay cut on the table. these are less severe and I’m continuing my campaign to protect the future of the college which offers a precious service to some of our most disabled young people.

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I must also say the staff I met on my visit all clearly enjoyed their work and caring for the welfare of the young people they worked with.

Meanwhile, in parliament, it was the turn of Ridge Primary School to visit and quiz me.

I really enjoy all the school trips, so if you are interested in bringing your school along please get in touch with my office and we would be pleased to help you with the arrangements.

The Budget was presented to parliament which includes huge cuts to the tax credits system which I know many readers will rely on.

It’s not right that those who are paying the price of the financial crisis are families, children, disabled people etc while the financial sector continues to see the return of the big bonuses and will benefit from the tax cuts announced this week.

This was a budget which hit working families hard and I will continue to fight for a fairer system which recognises it wasn’t working families in Lancaster who caused the crash.