David Schwimmer: The return of Ross from Friends wins the internet and makes Lancashire famous

Thank goodness for David Schwimmer.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 25th October 2018, 5:45 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th October 2018, 5:48 pm
Wanted thief is doppelganger of David Schwimmer aka Ross from Friends, pictured right
Wanted thief is doppelganger of David Schwimmer aka Ross from Friends, pictured right

In a depressing week filled with moody politicians, depressing shop closure announcements, Brexit bores (yes, I know it’s important but..), grim winter phrophecies, darkening mornings, increasing petrol prices, doom and gloom on the property market and fracking, he triumphed.

Fingered by Lancashire Police for a spot of shoplifting when his doppelganger was caught on camera, he waited until the entire world was fixated on his Twitter account in anticipation before proclaiming #itwasntme, accompanied by a spot of genius video where it was proved the cans-of-booze thief could easily be his identical twin brother.

David Schwimmer trending: Ross from Friends releases video mock-up of Blackpool theftHe then hastily reminded us he was actually in New York and not the nether end of Blackpool, just in case.

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The world was entranced.

Not only had Ross from Friends proved, without a shadow of a doubt, that he has never gone anywhere despite the ending of the series in 2004 - that’s 14 years ago for anyone in denial, though impossible to tell other than Jennifer Aniston’s 90s haircut as it is constantly on re-run every channel.

(It started in 1994, for those wanting to feel particularly old).

But he also proved, without a shadow of a doubt, that Ross still exists - he wasn’t on a break after all and he will be there for us if the rain starts to pour.

David Schwimmer with his Friends

Safe to say, as I type, it’s still trending, despite the Duchess of Sussex’s faux pas in leaving her price tags in her dress as she went to a official do on her Down Under tour (presumably she wanted to return it, it was a pricy designer make.)

Plus he out-paced the business man who took out a massive press gagging order to hide his alleged misdemeanors only to be foiled by somebody who named him in Parliament.

These were simply not enough to stop the worldwide Ross-related headlines.

Safe to say it’s the first time a minor crime in Blackpool has featured on the homepage of the Hollywood Reporter, The Chicago Tribune, the Guardian, the Lancashire Post and Blackpool Gazette simultaneously.

Possibly the last time.

And as an added bonus, after being re-tweeted 153,000 times and counting, Ross has lots of new Friends.