Blue sky thinkers could transform Morecambe

It seems some of the natives are getting restless according to the letters page.

Thursday, 10th September 2015, 12:00 pm
How the Frontierland site looks now, with the Polo Tower in the distance.

Two pieces of correspondence from N. Appleyard and Steve Dunmore seem to back up many of the points I’ve been bleating on about for almost two years.

N. Appleyard, rightly so, questions the ambitions of Opus North who are going to develop the old Frontierland site. It has, as most locals know, been an eyesore for many years. I don’t personally think any other town or city council in this country would have let this situation carry on for so long. Also, would Blackpool allow an Aldi on the prom?

Did anyone ever think top quality retailers would have been allowed to trade in Morecambe with Lancaster vying for the flagship outlets on their territory. Come on, we don’t even get a chance to attract any decent leisure projects, never mind retail.

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Mick Dennison. Pub Landlord. York Hotel, Morecambe.

Steve Dunmore goes even further with his vitriol towards Lancaster City Council. Is it right they only think about looking after students in Lancaster? I’ve been told students are advised not to travel into Morecambe - it’s too dangerous! What rubbish.

His idea regarding a revolving tower restaurant is outstanding. To date, I don’t think I’ve ever heard that mooted by our city leaders. What a great advert that would be for the local area, a definite crowd puller.

Steve is a young artist who should join forces with Ian Hughes with his ideas to reconstruct the promenade. Ian you may remember had an award-winning concept that would have revolutionized the look of the promenade - it was dismissed by the council (on environmental lines) - just like other good ideas.

As has been mentioned by the correspondents and many others in the town, we have a great view. Look behind you, in places it’s not all that good. In fact, in some areas it’s an absolute disgrace.

We now have a new hotel/bar/restaurant opened with the Morecambe Hotel. The ideas of young blue sky thinkers in the town could hopefully provide sound financial futures for many others.