Columnist: Who’s the Daddy


It seems that our daughters have developed a critical faculty of their own when it comes to music.

They’ve seen the X Factor for what it is and on the rare occasions they do watch it, only tune in for a laugh at the staged melodrama and to see who’s got the biggest sob story.

To be honest, even our cats are bored of it now, and even they walk out of the room when a howling wannabe shrieks their way through some hackneyed 80s power ballad. It hurts their ears, see.

Daughter #1 turns 14 next month and has her own specific taste in music. Like her dad, it’s either brilliant or rubbish. There is no middle ground.

Boy bands? Forget it. Well, the bands she likes have boys in them but it’s merely a coincidence. Nobody stands up for the key change on the records she buys (when I say records I mean downloads, duh).

And because there’s no real money to be made from music sales for all but the most successful artists, all the bands she likes tour relentlessly to earn their corn. And of course she wants tickets, and so do all her friends.

Bastille are touring twice in the next six months and daughter #1 will be there on both occasions. And Kodaline (no, me neither) are playing on her birthday so you can guess where her party’s going to be held this year – front row, screaming til they’re all sick.

Tickets to see these indie boys sell out fast. And it’s always down to me to get them. So I’ve got three tabs open on my internet browser, my mobile and the house phone primed and ready for the second they go on sale.

But like anyone with the slightest bit of curiosity I decided to have a listen to these bands she loves. And do you know what, they were pretty good. Very good in fact.

Then it hit me. I’ve heard all this before. In about 1980 when Fat Bob was Thin Bob and The Cure were just starting out. If you’re going to (got to be careful here) er, emulate someone it might as well be one of the greatest bands of the 20th century.

So I handed daughter #1 their Greatest Hits CD so she could hear for herself. And all I’ll say is this, I caught her humming ‘Just Like Heaven’ in the kitchen when she thought no one was listening.