Columnist Roger Salmon: What to look out for when buying a puppy

Roger Salmon
Roger Salmon

Puppy farming where dogs are bred purely for profit, often with no licence and with no concern for the welfa re and health of the dogs, is a practice to be condemned.

Many of the puppies purchased from this source are not reared in hygienic surroundings, have not been fed properly, not wormed efficiently, not checked for heredity defects, not properly socialised etc.

For this reason take great care when purchasing on the internet.

Points to consider when buying a puppy:

*Check with the local vet if he would be willing to recommend the breeder or view the puppy before purchase.

*View the puppy with its mother and litter mates to see how it interacts. Also see the father if possible.

*A puppy should not leave its mother until it is eight-week-old and had its first part of the vaccination.

*If possible request a written agreement that purchase is subject to a satisfactory examination by your vet within 48 hours of purchase.

*Check that the puppies have regular access to human contact, ideally with more than one person. It is better that puppies are raised in a home environment rather than in a kennel as this gets them used to the normal sights and sounds of the home.

*Ensure all the relevant paperwork is available for inspection when you visit the puppy. This should include a vaccination certificate, a health check report from a vet and pedigree/KC certificate.

*Check that the puppy has been regularly wormed and if there is insurance 
cover for any illness during the first six weeks in your care.

*Ask the breeder about the puppy’s feeding regime and diet plan but check with your vet when you take your pup for its first vaccination.

*Check that the puppy has no discharge from its nose or eyes and that there are no sores or scabs on its body.

*Check that the puppy is alert and not coughing and if you are at all concerned 
do not take and return another day or find another breeder.