Columnist John Halewood-Dodd: Carol with a festive warning

John Halewood Dodd
John Halewood Dodd

As we continue to celebrate the festive period I thought it would be fun to attempt to combine my favourite Christmas carol, Once in Royal David’s City, with 
a serious message for 
those who might find themselves in need of legal representation.

Police forces throughout the country, including here in Lancashire, have seemingly made a conscious move towards dealing with police interviews in a less formal fashion.

This is leading to an 
increase in the number of people being interviewed without legal representation and our experience is that this is often to their detriment.

Without realising the consequences people are declining their legal right to free advice from a solicitor and are often severely damaging their position.

All local solicitors have commented on this recently so hopefully this carol may remind those who are to be interviewed at the police station that they have the right to be represented by a solicitor free of charge.

Once in royal Lancaster 

A not so lowly legal firm,

With their lawyers toiling daily,

Making sure each file was read:

LHD the firm in mind,

Leaving others far behind.

Cop shop call out 24/7,

All offences big and small,

Providing aid to all that need it,

All it takes is just one call:

All advice explained so slowly,

With every case defended wholly.

When you feel your spirit’s flattened,

There’s no-one there to see you through,

You feel so lost and all seems hopeless,

Your lawyers there to fight for you:

We won’t judge and say you’re bad,

But give support to make you glad.

With legal help it’s not so grim,

In the right direction we can shove;

We’ll listen up not be judgemental,

We’ll go together hand in glove:

Without advice you could go wrong,

But with our help you’ll soon be gone.