Columnist Jo Worgan: Dressed for the occasion

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan

Pyjama day at school was very different this year compared to 2012.

Friday was Children in Need day and so therefore I think that every child went to school wearing their pyjamas to raise money on the day.

Last year Tom was still struggling at mainstream school and was only accessing two hours a day due to the difficulties he was having.

He did though wear his pyjamas but I remember that when he finished school at 11am, I walked home holding his hand feeling incredibly sad as he had only took part in the celebrations for a few hours.

This year though was a totally different experience.

Firstly, he was very excited to wear his pyjamas to school.

He kept saying over the weekend: “Pyjama day tomorrow?”

He loves to wear his pyjamas when at home and when he gets home from school the first thing he tells me while taking off his shoes is that he wants his pyjamas on.

They must just feel so comfortable to him and I suppose that once he is wearing them he knows that there is no more school for the day.

So it was a happy and excited little boy who greeted me when waking up on Monday morning.

However, would he wear his new onesie that he had been bought especially for the occasion?

He had worn it once before so that it was not completely new to him but no he would not put it on, firmly telling me,”Pyjama day, not onesie”.

So he wore his old racing car pyjamas instead.

This also made Stephen happy as he could see that his brother was taking part in the whole experience.

Stephen proudly wore his new Star Wars pyjamas.

I was so unbelievably happy when I waved Tom off in the taxi.

What really surprised me though is that the one day he could actually wear his dressing gown to school he chose not to. “No mummy, pyjama day, no dressing gown,” he said.

Normal service has been resumed today though and he is back to wearing his monsters dressing gown.