Columnist: Jo Worgan

Guardian columnist Jo Worgan
Guardian columnist Jo Worgan

Last week I had the privilege of being interviewed by Kevin Healey, a leading autism campaigner, for his Autism Anti Bullying Campaign documentary.

I am still slightly in shock and cannot believe that this actually happened. I know that Kevin will laugh when he reads this and say that he is ‘just Kevin’, but we all know differently.

During the interview I expressed my views on why I support the campaign and why the campaign is so very important to me. I have followed Kevin for more than six months on Twitter and have been involved with supporting the campaign since the very early days so when I was asked to be involved with the documentary I jumped at the chance.

I was nervous about meeting Kevin and I kept thinking that I would not be able to answer the questions as I would get all my thoughts and feelings muddled up but I needn’t have worried. Both Kevin and the film crew from Lilac Films put me at ease. It was very strange though seeing Kevin in person. I actually said to him: “Kevin you are real!”

Kevin will be continuing to talk to celebrities, parents and individuals who have ASD and who all have a passion about ending online bullying, trolling and harassment especially for those on the autistic spectrum. So far he has also interviewed Chris Maloney of X Factor fame and this week he will be interviewing more celebrities as well as individuals who are on the autistic spectrum in London. Kevin has funded the documentary with funds raised through his Staffordshire Adults Autistic Society (SAAS) Just Giving page. So far he has raised £ 1,149.30 of his £1.000 target but the extra money raised will fund the making of DVDs of the documentary.

I wish Kevin the best of luck with his documentary. I just know that it will be a huge success and have a profound impact on getting the laws changed regarding cyber bullying towards autistic individuals. His campaign just goes from strength to strength.

He has a 10-minute bill in Parliament coming up this month which has the support of 104 MPs. I believe that there is truly no stopping Kevin Healey.