Column: Memories of a seventies childhood

Carol Forster won a Blue Peter badge
Carol Forster won a Blue Peter badge

Rolling back the years to the heady days of Blue Peter - when the cry ‘Get down Shep!’ was a common feature of the programme -  I had badge envy.

Probably every child of the time coveted the Blue Peter badge and so thought long and hard on how to acquire one. I am sure many a child reflected on each morsel of an episode to come up with a winning idea.
Then it came to me! Of course – the Blue Peter baby!
It had been mentioned but never seen so there was a certain intrigue attached to it. And so it was, one rainy Sunday afternoon, that I penned a letter asking all about said infant and I have often wondered since about what became of bebe, who must be pushing 90 now!
To my utter astonishment, it worked and I was duly rewarded with a nice letter but, more importantly, the treasured badge with its blue ship on a white background.
I was pleased as cheese and my young pals were very jealous. However, some years later, a school friend going through a punk phase begged me for the thing and I gave it to her. Now I regret it a tad, though not overly.
Another memory from the 1970s was awaiting the plop of my favourite magazine through the letter box.
With its gaudy eye boggling colours (a fashion of the time) that rendered it impossible to read, who could forget ‘Music Star’?
I am sorry to say I received every one with glee and dutifully removed the posters of current stars to stick on my walls which would be replaced now and then with newer ones as musical tastes changed.
The teeth were always luminous and, as lime green was a particular favourite of the mag, stars often had a slightly bilious look, as if they’d partaken of one doughnut too many.
My friends and I even swapped posters on occasion when the gold medallion of some crooner got a bit too much on the bedroom wall.
The mag would also give you some useful titbits of information such as what the star liked for tea and their favourite animal.
I’m sure it was all nonsense and they were probably guffawing at the incredulity of it all.
I bet they were also mortified to see themselves in such fluorescent tones.
Good times!