Column: Making plans to wipe away the miseries of 2016

Carol Forster has hopes for a better 2017
Carol Forster has hopes for a better 2017

Well dear readers, I trust you have eaten your Christmas treats galore and are now thinking about healthier habits ahead.

Firstly, I’d like to share a small moment with you to celebrate the fact that 2016 is nearly over.

Like a badly behaved child, it didn’t do what a year is supposed to do – and by that I mean fill us with hope and joy. Instead it made a lot of people very miserable and added to the furrowed brows of the world.

If it were a child, it would be on the naughty step for sure.

So, let’s turn with blind optimism to the idea of a more positive 2017. As with all births, we don’t quite know what to expect yet, so let’s just hope for better things. We might as well!

I guess you are all thinking about your new year resolutions too, as you read this and I have made a few myself:

1. To thoroughly, and without shame, enjoy the fact that it is no longer 2016.

2. To live in the moment and to always appreciate the small things

3. To plan and to look forward to the travels (including those of the armchair variety).

4. To hope that the human race gets its act together (though I doubt it.)

5. To become super fit and healthy and surpass all other years in this pursuit (again doubtful!).

Let us hope too that 2016 looks back at its appalling behaviour and learns from it, thus maturing into a thoroughly upstanding and mature adult by 2018, by which time we will all be super fit and ready for all the fresh challenges placed before us.

It would also be nice to retain a few of our favourite stars and celebrities in 2017 after the horrendous losses of this year, which saw us bereaved for all the greats.

It wasn’t the best way to start when the fantastic David Bowie passed and I am sure I was not the only one to get a bit tired of the daily sorrows that followed on with no respite even at Christmas.

And let us have more good strong women as role models in the coming year. We need a bit of the feminine back, I feel, though without the obsessions of wearing leather trousers and the like.

So, cheers to you all and let’s hope it’s a good one, or at least better than the last.

It can’t be much worse!