COLUMN: John Halewood-Dodd: problems of takeaways

John Halewood Dodd
John Halewood Dodd
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I’ve harped on previously about legal aid cuts and how it has made those in my profession feel extremely vulnerable about their future.

Indeed, many are considering alternative employment paths, myself included, and I feel as though mine may well be being mapped out by powers beyond my control. See what you think.

I am now unfortunately single again, and not being overly domesticated, I have taken to having more take-away meals than are probably good for me.

As such, I have become a familiar face in the chippy’s, Chinese take-always, and kebab and curry houses of Lancaster.

This is what has led to this potential employment prospect.

My good friend Paul, with whom I’ve been staying, has been coerced by me into this easy way of preparing dinner.

I went to our local Chinese take-away last week and before ordering our meals the lady behind the counter asked if I could drive.

When I said I couldn’t she then enquired whether Paul did.

I confirmed that he did and she then asked me to call him to see if he could do her a favour.

I called Paul who arrived within minutes.

She then explained that her delivery driver had let her down.

She asked whether we could deliver to North Road.

Given it wasn’t far away, and we were waiting for our meals, we agreed to help a damsel in distress.

The delivery was packed into one of those heat retaining bags, and then without batting an eyelid, she informed us that she’d also put another delivery in for the Marsh Estate.

If that wasn’t cheek enough when we returned she had other orders already bagged up.

She asked us whether we’d be willing to do an hour or two of deliveries to help her out.

The offer was sharply declined as we collected our dinner, which we still had to pay for I hasten to add, and set off home to enjoy it.

However, we were rewarded with £1.20 in tips from those we delivered to, so it wasn’t a totally fruitless exercise.

That said I think I’ll stick to the day job as even legal aid rates are slightly more generous than that.