COLUMN: Jo Worgan column: stresses of shopping trollies

Jo Worgan
Jo Worgan
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I’m not sure if I have written on this subject before, but I thought I would mention it anyway, as I was reminded this weekend of how difficult doing the ‘supermarket shop’ can be without the use of an adapted trolley.

Luckily for us, one was available.

I had taken the boys to The Zone soft play centre, which now seems to be their favourite local haunt.

Anyway, after a few happy hours, we decided that we needed to pop to Sainsbury’s for a bit of shopping, or as Tom suggested, we need to buy a hot wheels car, so off we went.

On arrival the shop seemed to be a little busy, it was Saturday afternoon after all, and I could see Tom frantically searching for ‘his trolley’.

Now, a few weeks back on a Sunday, I popped to Sainsbury’s with Tom but we could not find it.

Luckily for us though, the shop was quiet and I needed only to buy a few things, so Tom walked around the shop holding my hand.

Things were a little tricky at the checkout, as I had to encase him, so to speak while packing and paying, a little difficult one handed, as I had to hold Tom’s hand, but it was a good experience for him as the shop was quiet.

However on Saturday the environment was the total opposite, therefore we needed his trolley and I was glad to find it.

The trolley that we use has a large ‘bucket seat’ at the front where Tom sits facing me and the shopping is placed in the trolley behind him.

Once strapped in he can see me, but more importantly he feels safe. This is my reason for using the trolley. I think that many people believe that trolleys, such as this one, are used for children who cannot walk or find it difficult to walk.

However they are also used for children like my Tom, who are safer, sat in a trolley. There is no fear of him running away, or feeling overwhelmed by a sudden flurry of people. It also means that I can concentrate on the shopping, with my helper Stephen of course.

The only real problem is that Stephen wants to push Tom so that they can go really fast. So, I would like to thank Sainsbury’s for providing this trolley, as I know many of the other supermarkets do not do so.