Column: Falling for the baritone sound of the Walrus of Love

Continuing my '˜70s music nostalgia theme, who could forget big, bold Barry?

Friday, 22nd July 2016, 4:16 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 3:21 pm
Seventies soul sensation Barry White

With a voice as deep as the Mariana Trench and his own orchestra playing exquisitely in the background, Barry was the epitome of the cool soul singer.

Which Barry am I on about? Barry White of course.

The amazing thing about Barry was how he managed to present his lovely melodies on daytime programmes such as Top of the Pops as they were a tad on the naughty side.

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As a youngster, my friends and I would dance around to Mr White and sing along without fully understanding the lyrics; though, to be frank, they did not leave much to the imagination...

Barry W was all love fest and he seemed to inhabit a world where normal mundane concerns mattered not a jot.

All that mattered to Barry was love, love and more love

In fact The Beatles song ‘All You Need is Love’ could have been written for him.Mr W was wonderful though.

The strings and swirling melodies were quite intoxicating and I am sure many a romantic evening in the glorious 70s had BW on the record player doing his thang.

A thing I have always wondered is how the devil did he get that voice? It was very deep but it also had a tone which was unique.

Each song was a luscious escape into Barry’s love world where promises and dreams were there for all to enjoy.

Never Gonna Give You Up is a prime example. Listen to the music backdropping Barry’s feverish singing. Fab.

He certainly made some promises did Barry, and you somehow felt he would keep them too.

Another classic is, of course, My First, My Last, My Everything which everyone of a certain age will have heard in abundance before and after school on the radio or on Top of the Pops. It perfectly captured that sense of wonder that goes with early romance with its sheer jubilance and joy.

Barry White was a fantastic example of '70s soul music and in keeping with the Isley Brothers, it stands the test of time and still sounds amazing.

So, if you ever want to ‘escape’ this difficult world, try a bit of Barry!