Column: Fab memories of four lads who shook my world

Carol Forster
Carol Forster

It is hard to go through the sixties or seventies without mentioning The Beatles, of course, but you must remember that I write from the perspective of a child.

The sixties were swinging but we were just playing on swings and didn’t really pay too much attention to all that pop stuff until later on.

Perhaps we would hear the odd radio hit but I don’t recall watching pop shows until much later on.

However, I do have a memory of passing a cinema where A Hard Day’s Night was showing.

The large poster image had the famous four there on our cinema wall and I remember the haircuts and the suits.

Then we would prance about singing Yellow Submarine or ‘Oh bladdy oh bladda’ and other such hits in the playground so it must have entered our consciousness.

Yesterday and Eleanor Rigby were also sung around the place, yet it was the seventies, as all self respecting teenagers do, when I dug back into the past and discovered them, properly.

What a joy it was to hear their old sixties albums and become fully acquainted with the lyrics and tunes.

Some became firm favourites and not always the big hits.

I messed about on my guitar at this point enjoying the beautiful chord changes and melodies which the band were particularly good at.

The Beatles then became important to me.

By the mid seventies, I was all Beatled up – a huge fan and well impressed.

I had also made my acquaintance with The Rolling Stones, in similar fashion, as well as those hippy dippy bands like Pink Floyd.

We all did. It was a rite of passage.

This transition from listening to Oliver the musical to The Rolling Stones album ‘It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll’ was the beginning of adolescence and all that goes with it.

Suddenly life was exciting as well as lovely. We had much to look forward to.

The Beatles now spoke to us of all the promise of youth and love and hope.

I have to admit I was quite confused by Wings later on, as the band didn’t seem to be of the same calibre at all, though in hindsight I can see the gift for melody and have a certain fondness for some of their songs.

Precious times.

Fab band.